Welcome to Sol Foundations

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market is constantly evolving, presenting its own set of challenges. As a result, finding solutions to these challenges has become a top priority for many industry participants. At our core, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that strengthen the foundations of NFT projects. Our focus is on helping the market reach its full potential by enhancing transactional transparency and security, and ensuring fair compensation for creators and investors alike. Our goal is to establish a robust NFT ecosystem that is built on a solid foundation, providing a sustainable and profitable platform for all stakeholders involved..

In the current state of the NFT industry, there is a tendency to prioritize short-term profits over long-term sustainability. Our aim is to redirect the industry’s focus towards building a responsible and sustainable NFT ecosystem that will thrive for the long run, rather than chasing quick profits. Our goal is to encourage widespread adoption of this approach, whether we lead the charge or not. We believe that by prioritizing sustainability and accountability, we can foster a thriving NFT market that benefits all stakeholders involved.

Self Paying Loans

Our innovative protocol presents a novel method for paying off loans without requiring any direct payments from the borrower.

NFT Investment Protection

invest in NFTs without assuming the full risk of ownership, but still benefit from the potential appreciation in value.

Royalty AMM

The first AMM of its kind, our innovative solution will set a new standard.

Rug Protection

With our tools, Invest with confidence and gain the upper hand over potential rug pull scams. Rug or not your investment is protected

While we cannot yet share specific details, we anticipate that our innovative tools will significantly advance the NFT industry.
Although we expect copycats to emerge, our ultimate goal is to promote mass adoption of our solutions, ultimately benefiting the broader NFT community and rewarding Solana bricks holders.

Sol Bricks

Sol Bricks is a collection of 1000 NFTs that we plan to use to showcase our tools in the market, hoping to encourage mass adoption. We believe the success of Sol Bricks will inspire others to follow our lead. bricks are associated with building solid foundations, and that is precisely what we aim to do, help build strong foundations for projects, safeguarding both investors and creators.


When is mint and the price ?

Minting date will be announce on our official twiiter, The supply is 1000 priced at 1 sol each.

What is SOL Foundations ?

A team of two looking to tackle issues with NFTs, we have taken the initiative to develop our own ideas and seek feedback from the community. Our goal is to address the many problems that are currently not being tackled and provide innovative solutions that push the industry forward.

Long term vision for Sol Foundations ?

Our primary objective is to achieve mass adoption, and to do so, we are seeking to collaborate with top industry leaders. While we are leading the project, we recognize the importance of securing partnerships to facilitate quick and widespread adoption. Our tools are not only designed for the NFT industry but can also be used within the broader crypto market, ensuring our longevity. We are confident in our ability to maintain our position as a leader in the field and have developed strategies to protect against potential copycats.

Where is the roadmap ?

We believe in building as we go, and we do not want to limit our progress by following a strict roadmap. Our first tool, Royalty AMM, will be released in three weeks, and we plan to unveil more details about it closer to the launch date to prevent any potential leaks or attempts to copy our work. We are committed to delivering innovative tools that push the industry forward and will continue to prioritize progress.

What are the benefits for holding sol bricks NFT ?

What are the benefits for holding sol bricks NFT By holding SOL Bricks NFT, you will have the opportunity to experience the success of our tools before anyone else. We will be experimenting with the NFTs first, ensuring that SOL Bricks holders receive the benefits of our work. There will be a total of three airdrops, with the third being the most valuable. All holders will receive this airdrop, with those who have demonstrated the most loyalty receiving a larger share. The terms for qualifying will be released at the appropriate time.

Do you have a Discord ?

At present, we do not have an official Discord server, but we plan to create one exclusively for SOL Bricks holders. As we launch our tools, we will open up the server to the broader community to gather feedback and input.

When will the tools be released?

Launch dates will be announced accordingly, Our first tool Royalty AMM will be released before 1st june.

Are you creating similar tools that other projects are developing?

While there may be other projects attempting to solve similar problems, we can assure you that our approach is entirely unique. We have currently announced four tools, with a few more to be revealed after each airdrop. The airdrop is necessary to test these tools, and we will be sharing more information on each as they are announced.

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